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MHOH - Take Two

The Make Him Over Hunt and I are doing pretty well together. I am about halfway done and while I haven't found all the prizes, I have found quite a few. And, I have discovered some interesting stores along the way. Not everything will work for gals of course. It is, after all, a hunt with men in mind.

A couple more gal friendly items to note are the faded skull outfit from Sassy Kitty and the Darkstar glasses from MK Sunglasses.

Both pants and tee are slightly faded for a lived in look and come complete with abstract screen prints. I'll mention that the pants are on the pants layer and not the undies layer as they appear to be here. This is just one of those fun layer issues going on a present with some of the viewers (sigh). The belt has a resize script and shrinks down to gal size easily. I especially like the driving gloves, something I was completely lacking in my wardrobe! The sunglasses are basic black with a squarish shape that works really well for me. They fit without resizing but they are mod so that is an option for small or giant avatars :D

A great guy find is the Nightwalk Coat from Jeckalicious. If you were one of the hundreds of gals watching the chairs for well over a week to get various colors of the girls version, you know it well. It comes in three lengths with this being the short version. There are choices of single and double buckles for both forearms and lower arms. It is wonderfully made with great attention to detail.

The top pose is from *NLimbo* and is also part of the hunt. A single guy pose is included in the prize.

For other MHOH prizes shown here see this previous post.


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