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Cat Tracks: Phoenix - Firefall

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the "Look What the Cat Brought" hunt. I first learned about it from a sign at Phoenix - Firefall, stored the info away until the time came and promptly forgot about it :D.

When I realized it had started, I hurried over to the shop (my third trip of the day watching those chairs) and wandered around looking for "cat tracks". I had no idea what I was looking for really but suspected something like footprints in cat paw form. And indeed, that's it. Not long paths of tracks, but a smallish rug sized set. They weren't to difficult to find and I was astonished by what was in the prize. [Edit: it turns out it can be other things besides tracks, so be on the lookout for something a bit out of place and cat oriented. Happy hunting.]

It was a full set of accessories called Raveness (Raven for the male set). It is so beautiful. Since I had a very large wardrobe of clothes from the shop, finding an appropriate match was pretty simple. I choose the newly released Marquise top and pants from Firefall, added some shiny leggings from MALT and I was set. It's a perfect outfit.

If you love the clothes from this shop -- and I certainly do -- then come on over and stalk the wild cat tracks.

New skin and hair by Tuli and Calico Creations (see previous post).

The hunt ends on June 15th.

Poses by LAP.


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