Best Laid Plans

So LeLutka sent out some new makeups just now to their group. I'm betting a few thousand of you got them. I can't wear them as my viewer doesn't support the upcoming feature. I am guessing that the the new 2.0 Viewer will be the one that let's you see them.

Note: Gogo posted photos here :D. Other examples of the new feature can be seen here and here. It looks like everyone is on the bandwagon.

I am not excited about 2.0 and so I won't be downloading the beta. If I play my cards correctly I may never have to download the release. As others have said, it is designed for the new folks and not those of us that are familiar with the older viewers. I put in a lot of time on that learning curve and I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. And, if Emerald keeps doing as well as it has, I see no reason to ever switch back. Still, I'm interested in what others think. If open source stays open source as LL promises, we can most likely have the best of all possible worlds.

The POINT of all if this was to ask if any of you great workaholic bloggers out there have tried the new makeups with the beta viewer. If so, and if my assumptions are correct and you can see the not yet available to me feature :D -- I'd love to have you comment to this post with the URLs of your article or Flickr photos. I want to know. I just don't want to work for it!

Ain't that the truth *wink*,

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    # by Siddean - February 23, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    You're missing one small point. Designers are going to start using the tattoo layers, and the alpha layers without hesitation. Shoes without invisiprims? Yes please!

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    # by Chic Aeon - February 23, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    Well I would vote for a roll back on the giant invisiprims if that happened. They have become bigger and bigger for some designers and are definitely ugly in some situations.

    So far though, the reports on 2.0 I've heard overall do not make me jump with glee. Lots of chatter in the groups from people who took a look. Beta is of course designed to work out bugs and hopefully incorporate user feedback. Only time will tell. Some good changes. Some depressing.