Calla - The Spa

Some of my fondest memories when I was just out of the pod include hair camping at Calla. I spent a good portion of my newbie days in the camping building. It was snowy outside and a warm fire blazed in the center of the room. There were only eight or so chairs then  -- each with different styles, so sometimes getting a spot was tricky. Trivia questions popped up in blue boxes and every now and then I actually knew the answer to a 50 linden question. Yeah!

So when I read that there was a new camping room at "The Spa", I just had to TP over. True, I also saw that there was a free hair for the weekend. But I searched the camping and lucky chair area through and through with no discovery. I did find some cute free spa slipper shown above. They come in two styles and two colors so four pairs in all. There are plenty of chairs to go around and you can choose your spa treatment as well as the style of hair you want to sit for.

I have no time these days to sit for 300 minutes, but I had a great time remembering the good old days. There are a variety of lucky chairs too, but of course hopping up in the middle of camping is not a wise idea.

So drop by and see Calla, wander through the hair rooms or use the TP board to get you around quickly.

See previous post for style notes.