Small and Beautiful

Need a super cute low prim house for free?  It's sneak peak time at Chic's. This beautifully textured guest house is only 51 prims WITH the furnishings. Oh my!. It is small to fit on a first land lot and perfect for many residential uses. It will be the prize from the Julia Collection for the STFU Hunt starting March 1. There will be a STEAM hunt prize there too, so two winnings from one stop. And both are lovely.

The house is rustic and homey and includes plants and a second floor with stairs to get you there. It is small but rich in textures and detail. I am so amazed at the prim count! Even on a 512 you have many prims for decoration or outdoor plantings.

There are flower boxes out front and a security door which apparently has a notecard somewhere as it tells you who can enter. I didn't bother to check that out, but you of course can after you pick yours up.

The upstairs come furnished with bed and fluffy pillows, all color coordinated with the furnishing below. The shadows on the floor convince you that this is a bit more real than you might have imagined. That works fine for me.

It is all quite lovely. This is a premium hunt prize; there is no question about that.

We all need a place to call home and this one could be yours just for some looking. So mark your calendar for the first of March and remember that it is the Julia Collection that has this prize.

Style Notes:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) dec VIP gift
Outfit: blakopal Steampunk Formal Suit (Just for the Guys Hunt - over)
Shoes: BAX Prestige boots black 2010
Accessories: Steamy Victoria STEAM monocle - gunmetal and opal (one of my hunt gifts)