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Valentine Wishes from a Dragon

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You never really know what will happen next in Phil's Place and it looks like that might be even more true in Winterfell. It had been a long but fruitful and rewarding day at Phil's and I felt the need for some rest, so I plopped myself down in my side yard on an arrangement from Pocket Gardens. Life went on in the real world with dinner, a bit of streamed TV and a glass of wine. I returned to find this hard to ignore dragon nearby. I mentioned that he was very impressive. He shyly expressed his appreciation.

He didn't live around here but loved the local and the people (and other denizens I assume). The abundance of open land is no doubt handy for someone of his size.  I told him he was always welcome and he thanked me. And as he flew off with powerful wings flapping and dangerous teeth in evidence he wished me a happy Valentines Day. Now THAT is memorable :D.

I wasn't so crass as to inspect him, but I did look at his profile after he left. He is either the creator of or the fan of  Seawolf Monsters, definitely a place worth checking out.  He is also, from his profile, quite philosophical. You never REALLY know ...

I've been very busy lately, but I have great plans for some adventure and a "pretty post" tomorrow. I hope you all had a great three holiday day.


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