Thrill Me Thursday - Week 3 : Rodeo

This week's brand new, 80 percent off item for Thrill Me Thursday is a necklace -- Rodeo Blvd.  Fun and casual, it comes in silver with shades of gray gemstones. Versions for chest and spine are included in the pack. By request, I've changed the permissions to Mod-Copy-No Transfer. I decided that this necklace deserved a photo shoot. Well why not? So I took it and my new ~*RunoRuno*~ outfit from the Red Packet Hunt out to the just opened Heartless sim.

The outfit comes complete with shoes. I added a tintable (and tinted) bra top from Elv'an Majika, the almost free shop. Braver gals can go without of course. The casual I've-Got-So-Much-Money-I-Can-Do-What-I-Want necklace paired perfectly with the crumpled linen attire.

Click any image for a larger photo

Rodeo Blvd is $20 through early Friday morning at Baubles Boho Jewelry. Look for the vendor with balloons. It's difficult to miss. The regular price will be $100. The set is out a bit early this week as I have NON work plans (yeah) for the eve. Enjoy and be sure and pick up your gift from the Mardi Gras hunt while you are there. The mask is out in the open; very little seeking is required.