Cart Sales - The Washes

The Cart Sale at The Washes starts today. People have been buying since last night of course and not everyone is set up yet. But that's not new news. There are lots of great vendors as well as not so great. Much like a craft fair or a garage sale, you need to wander and find the best bargains. What is the best for you will likely be different from your friends and relatives. I suggest you start here where three great booths align -- Mudhoney, Ticky Tacky and Ear Candy.  The $10 and under booths are scattered all over two sims and the bridge. If you have a favorite designer at Car Wash, you will find the cart in front of their shop. Guest carts are hither and yon in a haphazard manner as you would suspect at an event like this one.

My cart is on the bridge between the two sims. Most of my items are regular merchandise from the shop. There is a skybox and a multi-pieced furniture set from awhile ago that I added. Both are popular. The best FASHION bargain on my cart is the Diamonds in Wood pack of four colors. The ironwood set is shown above. [Note: I decided that mixing item types on the cart was confusing, so if you are looking for these earrings, I have placed them in the shop here. The same four pair for $10 price applies.

My sweater is a $10 bargain from Ingenue.

Other personal picks you might want to start from are:

  • A-Bomb - some great things that I have featured in the past there for $10
  • Everyday Accessories - a cute Spring bangle set
  • Gumdrop - a really WILD and colorful outfit
  • IMANI - swanky clothing 

My hair is from Truth (long ago) and my poses are from LAP.