You know how you can lose items in the bottom of your closet?  Those shoes you picked up on sale mysteriously disappear. You go hunting for them and find all sorts of fun things you didn't know you had? Well that can easily happen with our unlimited (for the time being) closets. Mine is fairly small by fashionista standards and I usually have everything placed on the correct shelf, but it's been busy of late. Last eve I decided it was closet cleaning time.

I found some great things I didn't know I had. While my sleuthing abilities are in question, I am guessing that this fun top from [ AYUMI ] came from the originals fair. I have featured Ayumi's work before, and I do remember picking something up at the Originals shop. Since I haven't seen it on the feeds, I am guessing that it may have been a blogger's gift.  I am also surmising that the very creative earrings I am wearing from !Mauve's Box came from the fair. I could be completely wrong on both counts, but it really doesn't matter. If you like the items shown, head over to their shops. That's how it works; that's how we discover new places.

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Amongst the clutter at the bottom of my closet were these comfy, color change boots from A-Bomb. Now I know they came in with a blogger pack somewhere along the way, but how did I overlook them?  It's a mystery, but it happens. Great casual boots, these would be super for outdoor adventures. Having them color change is bonus. Yeah!  I know where my cool shades hale from -- the Shoes and Accessories Hunt. Which, by the way is almost over. The stylish white trimmed aviator glasses are from [ENDEAVOR]

As I was going through my messy closet, straightening and tossing, I had most of an outfit that amazingly coordinated. I was, however, missing pants. PG feeds mandated that I find some bottoms! Low and behold, a pants pack from PARADISIS appeared. This is home of that great Street Girl in Red outfit I featured with Divine over a month ago. The pants pack was a Christmas gift, so it is likely no longer available. But again, a great store to take a look at if you haven't journeyed over. In fact, I'm going to head out to a few of these places now and take a second look :D.

Style Notes:

Hair: [Shag] - Caught (F) - darkblonde
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) dec VIP gift
Clothing: [ AYUMI ] Heartbreaker;  PARADISIS Cuddling Winter : Leggings Wine
Shoes: A-BOMB Courtney Boots
Accessories: [ENDEAVOR] -TF- Aviator White (SAH Hunt Gift); MB's Punk Pony Earring

Poses by Striking Poses and Torridwear.

Edit: This post was not in response to the closet clean out challange :D, but I see a few hours later that it was timely. Now and then great thoughts collide.