Lucky Board Avenue

It's not really a secret!  Lucky boards galore line the shops at petit pas. These are GROUP boards so you need to find the group joiner in one of the shop windows near the middle of the street and have your tag active when you click. The prizes are very nice including Sami's hair (left) and dress. I am wearing the top of an outfit I won. There are dresses, poses, jewelry, a shape, a skirt and housewares; just lots.

The street is fairly long so standing in the middle where you can hear all the boards is a good plan. You can cam from there to watch, but you need to be within 20 meters of a board to click. Hence you get some exercise points along with the prizes.

In general many of these prizes are in the cutsie category, but there should be something for everyone with all the choices. 
Each board has a single prize and they change every five minutes. So you can TP friends in if you like. Interestingly enough most of the store fronts on the street are just that -- facades. You TP to the actual stores.

I think my favorite prize -- which I haven't won -- is this hair by ROGE.  They have some very nice styles with free demos you can try while you wait on the boards. There is also a free necklace set in one of the shop windows, so enjoy your stay.

My hair is by JUNWAVE and my leggings in the first shot are by Concrete Flowers.

Tip of the day: Belleza group join fees are currently free, so if you aren't a member, now might be a good time to join -- ESPECIALLY GUYS. We want all you guys to look super spiffy and Belleza skins will get you there. There are no group gifts at the moment. Patience may be called for, but definitely worthwhile. The credit on that tip goes to Sami and someone on the VAIN group for posting. TY both.