Finding Who We Are

The Labs appear to be hard at work fixing things they broke by accident. Hence, getting things done today is problematic at best.  Oh no! Time for philosophy *wink*.

Thanks to a post by Tarsis (and some IMing help after from both Tarsis and a fashion blogger sister) I went over to Belleza (free to join for awhile) to pick up the male skin as I didn't have a good one. I also alerted Wonder that there were new free skins at Belleza. Wonder was already wearing a Belleza skin he purchased long ago; it was getting a little dated.

And that brings me to my philosophy of the day. I can now "be" Wonder if I want; he was nice enough to share his homemade shape with me. But I feel SO odd doing that. It is handy, certainly -- both for blog posts and to fit jewelry. The sending samples back and forth is very time consuming. Still, it doesn't work well for me. I am guessing that I will slip into his big guy shape for fitting male jewelry for hunts and such, but I am going to be very careful and concentrate only on the jewelry (insert shiver here) and not think about how I look.

How do we find our individuality?

The other day when I was out on a photo shoot someone asked  to buy my shape and skin. And that got me thinking.  For people that buy their shapes and skins -- especially as a set -- there are others running around looking just like them. That's not a giant step forward in individuality from our pod states when we join Phil's. That must not matter to some people, but it certainly matters to me.

My shape is far from perfect. Lots of poses won't fit me because of long legs and arms and who knows what else. I pretty much have NO breasts. But it is "ME", the me I have been from the beginning after I greatly modified a shape that came with some Eloh skin. Except for a couple of extra pounds, I've stayed the same for over two years. I feel comfortable as the gal I am and don't plan to change. I don't want to share myself either. You won't be seeing Chic Aeon shapes on the market in my lifetime *wink*.

That's what I am thinking as I try once again to get things to work today :D.

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    # by Mattie Rae - February 18, 2010 at 9:52 PM

    Have to totally agree with you, Chic. I came inworld almost one year ago and in that time, I've played with my shape until I am totally happy with it and it feels like "me." I could never sell my shape and especially my shape / skin combination. I don't ever want to meet myself on some SL street.