Hunts - March and Beyond

Hunts seem to be here to stay and I have to admit that I like both the challange and the goodies. That's my low arc hunting outfit above. It weighs in at 95 Avatar Rendering Cost even with earrings. Yeah! Now days there are often so many hunts going on that low lag attire is unnecessary.  Still I like to be moderately dressed. You never know when you might run into a crowd.

click for larger photo

In case you are new and don't know how to check your Avatar Rendering Cost (a "partial" test of how you may be contributing to the lag in a sim), here is the path (in Emerald but I suspect it is the same in the official viewer still). Advanced - Rendering - Info Displays - Avatar Rendering Cost. If you don't have an ADVANCED option in your menu you can turn it on by using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D. Being in the GREEN is good, especially if you are out and about in busy sims. Most of you know all this, but new citizens come into the world each day so there is always reason to repeat information.

There are lots of hunts ongoing and March is a good month with the second STEAM HUNT as well as Building Blocks (mostly for us content creators). And I am sure that there are plenty I am not aware of yet.

If you are a content creator, you might be interested in two off-the-main path themed hunts that are coming soon.

The Wheel of the Year Hunts celebrates the change of seasons. The Ostara hunt starts March one. Applications are still being accepted until Feb 21st or when the hunt is full. Contact Violet Steamweaver, Wheel Of The Year Hunts organizer for more info.

Edit: almost full as of Sunday morning SL time.

The Gaia Hunt begins April 1 and applications are being accepted until March 12 or when 75 vendors (100 now) have joined in. Only a few spots left!

So join in the fun as a vendor or as a participant. A good hunt is hard to beat.