Here's the Skinny

Yesterday -- I think it was yesterday -- a fashion blogger sister asked in group what the skinny was. For those of you not accustomed to American slang, "skinny" not only means excessively thin; it also means news of the insider (gossip) nature. I have had a very difficult time embracing group chatter; I have group chat turned off on several of my groups. But, I do find that I learn a lot by looking over the group chat text. So, for those of you out of the loop even more than I am, here's what I know.

Version 2.0 - The general consensus is (drum roll please) ----- New features good; interface sucky (yep, that is a quote and yes, it is NOT a positive comment :D).  There are some legitimate concerns about the privacy issues connected with the interactive web page on a prim feature. You can, in theory, turn that off just like you can turn off video and streaming music, so that will be helpful for those who value their privacy. The fashion world seems completely enamored with the new face tattoo - makeup option.

Horror stories abound about issues. It is beta of course, but most of the complaints seem to be about features that are actually working. Also, if you install 2.0 and try to go back to the 1.23 ish viewer (or a 3rd party) there are some big issues with chat as well as folders that you cannot use but remain in your account because they have been created  in the database by 2.0. I wondered and voiced the idea that The Labs needed to have a focus group testing the interface as they worked on it. According to some websites from last Fall, they did. They just ignored how much everyone hated the interface. Oh well. It appears from the official forums that "Resistance Is Futile". We will get 2.0 in one form or another. For me, it will most likely include kicking and screaming.

If you already installed 2.0, loving it or not --  Skin Within has a set of makeups for Version 2.0 that you might want to try out. Free in the shop; I know not where. I am just the messenger. Landmarks for the store aren't loading for me this morning. The map coordinates are Skin Within (124, 128, 28).

Car Wash - The cart sale at Car Wash has been a huge success. If you were one of the first there, you might want to make a return trip. Some new carts were added after the opening and many of the vendors traded out their merchandise -- and may do so again. The sale last another week.

Steam Hunt:  The hunt starts tonight at midnight.  Each stop should have a hint gear and there will in theory be hints up at Flickr. A list of participating stores should appear also. I don't think this is going to work well, but hopefully I will be wrong. Meanwhile, watch other blogs for LMs and photos of hunt goodies. I'll be doing the Building Blocks hunt first, but I doubt I will have much in fashion mode to share :D. If you get really really stuck and can't go onward in STEAM, IM me. Note that while I am almost always in world, I am often in another program and may miss your IM for awhile (yesterday it was a few hours). Notecards work too of course.

I know some other things, but I am under a non-disclosure agreement *wink*. So that's all for now.