Marchin' On

Endings are thoughtful times for me. As we move from February into March I look back on both good and bad days. On the plus side I finally found a home for my Steampunk house and I love Winterfell. On the minus? I lost both irreplaceable inventory and rezzed objects in the numerous database reverts. I know it is all virutal, but it has still been depressing. Remaking vendors that appeared in old version has NOT been fun. But Chandra and I got our balloon ride, business was amazingly good and I have new friends in my friends list. So there were good times too. Looking forward to March, I see lots of hunts, the Accessories Fair and St. Patrick's. All pluses. Yeah! Fingers are crossed here that "issues" get taken care of.

The Ostara Hunt begins soon, midnight on the 28th. It is the first of the Wheel of the Year, Pagan themed hunts. The starting point is here. Along with gifts at every stop, there is a puzzle to solve which leads folks to a special end prize area that include more gifts and some discount bargains from the retailers in the hunt. I've added an extra prize for gals (sorry fellows but I doubt you would want these :D).

Above are my two gifts. The necklace (two sizes, one for guys) comes from Baubles Boho Jewelry and the cuff and ring (that I forgot to put on for the photo) come from Steamy Victoria. These look great on the guys too.

I've had a fun time learning more about Pagan symbols and sabbats. I hope the hunt, and the series turns out to be special. There are approximately 50 vendors in the hunt, so it is a relatively short one. The hunt symbol is a leafed wreath (just a prim) and fairly hard to see. There will be hints and SLURLs on the website. The ring includes a resize script for easy fitting.

My very pretty blouse is the .::Bog::. Dragonette Elv'an Top from Elv'an Majika. I journeyed over there last eve to see what had changed since my last visit. The vendor for this top greeted me in the doorway. It is FREE and very pretty. I bought a longer version of the top for $5. Everything in the store is $5 and under. Be sure and pick up the free tintable bra top; very handy.  My pants are part of the Christmas gift from PARADISIS.

My pose is from the new Diesel Works Dante set. See previous post for more info.