Bits and Pieces

I can't change clothes today -- or actually I "can" change according to the inventory list, but I am still wearing yesterday's outfit. So, it looks like a perfect time to post a few shots of non fashion wear that I took earlier in the month. This cute and low prim outdoor set is this month's Picks Reward from MB-CreationZ. Two poses, 13 prims and copy, this is a fun set. I especially like the coffee cup details.

This tasteful Deco skybox is #43 on the My Heart Beats Blue hunt which ends the 28th. I didn't find a lot of items on that hunt. They seemed to be hidden quite well at least at the time I was looking. This prize was in the cutest (and empty then) blue shop. The hunt prize includes some nice furniture. I fell in love with the details. Always the details.

Outside the skybox is just as sleek and  stylish. I bookmarked the shop; I know I did as I loved the quirkiness and especially the windows. But alas, my landmark is gone. It has disappeared along with some REZZED poseballs. With lots of permission changes on vendors and who knows what else during this tough week at Phil's, I guess I'm not too surprised.  So -- here's is the starting point of the hunt. There are lots of big name folks in the participant list and if you are an avid hunter, I'm betting you can find this down the line at 43.

Edit: I happily found the shop.  It is still empty, but I'm guessing there's going to be some wonderful things inside eventually. My clothes miraculously appears so here's a picture. Go forth and hunt. I may journey back and try my luck again at some of the places with well hidden BLUE HEARTS.