Howdy Partner

Phoenix-Firefall added a new item to their Midnight Mania board some time ago. I was there day one and TPed in a few friends to fill the board and get this set. Divine and Benicia won it in brown several months ago, but you know me and black. Yeah, black! Plus, no waiting at the lucky chairs this time; just tapping.

As you would expect the detailed prim work on this is outstanding. Lagaliscious and worth every prim. I normally would have accessorized in a more fantasy mood, but when I tried on this cowgirl hair (with hat), I decided to Western it up a bit and headed over to Tombstone.

You can't really go many places in the town of  Tombstone; it seems to be locked down on a white list for role play. But I did manage to get into the saloon and out on the boardwalk for these shots.

I should mention that the Phoenix-Firefall lucky chairs changed at the same time as the MM board. They are now in the center of the shop around a giant tree. There are two for skins and two with accessories and clothes -- some new, some not. The Midnight board has also moved. Find it at the far end of the store, past the tree.

Style Notes: 

Hair: (HOH - no longer available)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) dec VIP gift
Everything else I am wearing is from the MM board at Phoenix-Firefall

Top pose by LAP who I hear has completed a remodel. I'll be heading over to take a look soon.