Black and Blue - The Fair 2

I just took a trip quick over to the Black and Blue Fair to find lots of great new items out.  The fair opens the 4th, so you can't get there yet. With prices range from free to expensive with every other number in between, there is bound to be something for everyone.

It is getting crowded even without shoppers, so camming will be a good mode to be in. There is also a pose stand where you can camp for a pose. So you can grab the stand if available and sit for 30 minutes while you cam-shop. I'm not sure if that is a legit word, but I suspect many of you do a lot of that. I know I do *wink*.

That's my update for the day. Watch the feeds for posts from other bloggers and be sure and visit when the fair opens. It will be around for a whole month, so skipping the first day madness might be advisable. Then again if you love lagfests, you will probably be in heaven.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.