Head Shot

I have some goodies to show you that definitely call for an up close and personal view. So click on this photo and get a high rez version. OK. Ready?

Click, but be sure and come back so I can fill in the details.


Ah, back now I see. Good.

Here's the scoop -- or scoops as the case may be.

First, let's talk eyes. Amacci just released a big set of new Real Eyes, 24 colors to choose from. I don't change eyes often. In fact, I've been wearing [lessthanthree]<3 eyes - awesome eyes [violet] for a very long time; over a year I think. I try out new eyes, but I always come back to the old ones. I am really impressed with  these new Amacci eyes. I liked so many of the colors it was difficult to decide which to show you. I settled on a style called Jupiter. I seem to be attracted to the ones with mixed colors and there are several in the pack. There are less complex colorations also for those of you that favor monochromatic blends. The eyes come in two sizes with this being the smaller. I'm guessing Chav will like something in a darkish brown. We'll see. My lashes are also from Amacci. These are called Allure in black. They are my flavor a the month and I wear them almost all the time.

Next up, hair. This is a style called Romeo from Alli&Ali. It is billed as male hair. I personally think that they need to rethink that *wink*. I LOVE IT!. It moves very nicely, is curly enough to make a sassy statement and amazingly looks good on me without bangs -- and unusual accomplishment. There is of course a Juliet to go with Romeo. You will likely get to see her sometime. Me? I'm sticking with Romeo. Not a bad thing. UPDATE:  This Romeo and Juliet hair pack appears to be the hunt prize in Myths and Legends. I missed that info early. Oops.

For our finale-- jewelry. These oversized hoops with striking texture hale from Morantique. They are entitled Miranda. Smooth and neutral, they are the perfect accent for one of my favorite sweaters, Missy by Solange.

All items shown are review copies or gifts - including my Eva skin from Tuli. Thanks SO much!