The Road to Tatooine

This is my 1400th SL(R) fashion and design post. In it, I revisit one of my first loves, discovery.

Star Wars, we either grew up with it or watched it on DVD. There was a romance inherent in both the locales and the storyline. You can visit the home planet of Luke Skywalker right here at Phil's. It is an vast and impressive build.

Tatooine, the Dune Sea and the space station and ships orbiting above are all part of a four sim role play complex. Visitors are welcome with a tag and without weapons. By now I am at home in most RP sims, I wander and shoot photos and let the locals get on with their business. There are ships, scooters and those odd beasts that resemble giant camels all roaming the dunes.

The land is both sparse and beautiful as many desert lands tend to be. There is indeed a feeling of vastness. Buildings rise out or blend in with the sands; technology mixes with ancient building techniques.

There are plenty of times when I pick up an item, stash it in my inventory and wonder when I will actually use it. My outfit of the eve is one reason I save those specialty items. You just never know when they will be perfect for an occasion. I even received an IM compliment on my look from a role player.

Style notes:

Hair: MiaSnow mia* Hair WILD WOMAN (old, old, old)
Skin: ][.Ruin.][ Cabal: Raven & the Sun
Clothing: hO wEAr Desert Dweller
Shoes: BAX Prestige black 2010

Poses by Vain and Amacci.