Free at Flavor

I saw a post from Flavor on the feeds this last weekend. It was announcing a two week sale and promised an on the wall for $0 hunt starting today. Being a good little blogger, I remembered this morning. I had to do a bit of hunting in my history but I found the post. Yeah.

Note: As I get ready to hit the publish button I see that the sim is NOW pretty full. I was the only one there earlier so I guess we  just made it before an announcement. Good timing.

I like on the wall hunts. You get to see the shop and you spend some time as traffic for the store. You might even find a new item or two that you can't resist. There are ten items set for $0. Actually I seem to have found eleven, but hey -- a bonus. All the items that Wonder and I are wearing are from the shop. That includes clothes, jewelry and hair ornament. I'm not going to show you all the items and spoil the surprise. I will say that there are things for both guys and gals as well as unisex items.  Be careful not to buy demos and count them in your prize stash.

The top I am wearing came from one of the three lucky chairs and is a brand new release. Very cute. There are also two Midnight Mania boards.

Our location is at a golf course and park that I found the other evening. You can join the group and get clubs to play for free. So saith the poster; we didn't try.

Style notes:  My skin is Eva from Tuli; hair is Paula from Amacci. Wonder is wearing Belleza's Thomas skin and Rock Candy's Rockstar hair.

Poses by LAP.