The Retro Cook

Up in the pre-dawn hours, I spotted Chandra's name in black on my friend's list. I was yawning with both lack of sleep and boredom, but as good buddies do, she solved my want of enthusiasm with a pack of new releases. And did I ever have fun.

There are four new home^improvement themed sets out. Set one is "Sunny Side Up" which as you might guess is cooking themed. Set two is "Chills and Thrills". Both the stove and Fridge are color change. I chose basic white. I was happy to see that other props were color change also. Hence my shelf and lighting fixture turned a perfect green for my 1930's wallpaper.

I have shown you a lot of (*chanimations props over the last few months, and these are definitely some of my personal favorites. Honestly, they would make great additions to a retro house (she say's wheels turning - now in semi-homeless mode). Both stove and fridge come in various models. I have chosen the messy models with food in inappropriate spots. There are plenty of great poses with these sets. The stove is unisex and could easily be used by a guy. The refrigerator has some very sexy choices which I didn't use for this shoot because of my skirt -- and the mood of course.

I used the free Walton's house from Vignette as my backdrop, but if you want instant and easy gratification you can start with this faux rez stage and add your props. The call out boxes come with the set and can be used as screen huds or rezzed in world. They are a little tricky to use and Chandra has promised a clear explanation is coming soon. If you run RIGHT over to pick one of these new releases up, then the trick is to click on the prim or hud object and get a menu for sizing.

Like the fruit props for the calendar, there will be 12 in all eventually and you can use them to make a fun retro calendar -- or postcards, a comic strip -- whatever suits your fancy. Like all the props, you have choices of using the poses built into the prim objects, using a multi-poseball or individual animations from the set.

Style notes:

Hair: *Dark Mouse* Bozena (Pale Blond)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) 10a
Clothing: Homespun Cozy Cardigan - Birdie; Homespun Bluebird Dress
Shoes: Calla Spa Slipper - free at the spa

Poses by (*chanimations