Manly Liam

La Vie just released newness in the skins department. There are designs for gals too. Wonder, being a long time La Vie member received a group message and took a little stroll (guys apparently don't "hurry over" like us gals") to the complex to pick up the group skin. He suspected that I would want to see, and of course he was correct.  We TPed over to a mutual friend's house for a quick photo shoot.

The group skin is one linden from the vendor at the SLURL above. A group tag is needed, natch. This gift skin is a tough guy's version. Liam has apparently been a brawl. Should we see the other guy? Maybe not. I will say that the special effects are very nicely done. Much of the skin is of excellent quality and a vast improvement of some of the earlier La Vie skins. Hard work does reap rewards and you can tell with the skin.

There seems to be a lot working with Liam and Wonder was impressed.  I did see some seam issues in the back waist area. They are minor, but if you are picky do some self exams in that up close and personal way. I did not explore any of Wonder's nether regions so I cannot comment on seams and details in those areas *wink*.

I have never made skin, especially MALE skin, but I can imagine how difficult it could be. I have also never found a male skin that I personally thought was perfection. I have tried; I am a curious gal :D.  That being said, you might just want to pop over to La Vie and check out the new demos. You can join the group for a fee, get this skin at the gift vendor and see how you feel in it. Two tones are included in the male pack. This is the darker of the two versions.

Gals, I know nothing about the lady's release, but I am guessing you will be able to see it on the feeds soon.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Wonder's hair is the new Onyx group gift from Amacci.

Poses by LAP and Vain.