Black and Blue - The Fair

The gates of the Black and Blue Fair are open -- for the bloggers anyway. The rest will need to wait a few more days -- until the 4th to be exact. What time on the 4th? I am not sure. We seem to be running on GMT, but I am sure you'll see an announcement and when I know, YOU'LL know :D.

There are still plenty of designers who don't have their items out, but I've been watching from day one (yes, I was one of the first to stake out a spot and get my vendors out ) and it has been so much fun to watch it come together.

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So I put together a collage to show you a bit of the flavor of the fair. Look for a second one tomorrow. Yep, I'm a tease.

Some of the biggest news is that there is now a  free to $10 area. While all the items in the main rooms are both new and exclusive to the fair during its run, goodies in the bathroom can be new or not, themed or not. There are some great looking things here.

The whole fair experience should be fun. It reminds me a lot of my grandmother's attic. The quality of the goods are better, I must say -- but the variety is equal. Skins and poses and shoes and hair; accessories, clothes for both gals and guys; furniture, decor and even a couple of skyboxes. The fair is for the most part a GIRL thing, at least so far. There are items for guys too, just not as many as for the gals.

More tomorrow.