Desert Camper

I taught a couple of classes yesterday, my first in two week. The classes were full, went well and at least some of the students went away considerably smarter. All good. After the classes ended I signed up for my personal tent -- the new form of housing at the school. I don't plan on living here of course, but it seemed good to be supportive and of course I LOVE to decorate.

Twenty prims seem pretty measly for folks who have had homesteads with hundreds. Those of you with half sims will no doubt smile broadly at the meager allotment. But I am very happy with my home styling. It has a Raiders of the Lost Arc feel that is comfy.  Here's the rundown for you home decor 'fashionistas'.

  • Sculpty bed - one I taught a class in -12 prims. The three lounging poses I made and added are happily prim free.
  • Ceiling fan with wicker blades I made after moving in - 4 prims
  • Flora from my previous abode homemade - 2 prims
  • Crate stack (free on Xstreet) - 1 prim
  • Comfy meditation cushion (part of yesterday's class project) 1 prim

Most of my archeological outfit comes from the depths of my closet, but I do have two new items. My coffee and cream jeans  -- such a great color -- are part of a new release from Gwen Carillon Designs. All sorts of hues are in the collection including some not often seen and definitely missing from my wardrobe. Yeah! Each color comes in three versions of leg styles -- boots, skinny and regular. They are no mod.

My pith helmet was part of a huge swag bag given away at the recent Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education symposium. The seminars are over, the speakers are gone, but you can still visit for another week.

Style Notes: 

Hair:(Posh) ; Oh Darling ; Caramel f
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 01 Bare
Clothing: =Libertine= Disorder Shred sweater Grey; RONSEM* TEE 1; GCD - G Jeans Coffee with Cream (new release)
Accessories: Virtual Pioneer Safari Pith Helmet by Serena Offcourse; SLM_OrangeParrot20091025(0930); Homespun Hornrimmed Glasses

Poses by:LAP, BehaviorBody