Permissions -- Why Do We Try?

I don't consider myself much of a retailer these days. I build things for myself or for the challenge and I put them up on the Marketplace and sometimes in my tiny store. I try to stay away from the stress of shop ownership. Been there. Done that. No need to repeat the process.


Today was a day with issues for some of us. Login servers were down; database unhappy. When I got back into world it took me over an hour and half to put an upgraded product on the Marketplace. No matter how hard I tried the magic box refused to believe I had a new item. Finally with some deletes and many refreshes I completed the process. OK. It happens.

Then this evening I had a notecard from someone with an issue. I couldn't actually OPEN the notecard to see what the issue was, but I noted that the Marketplace had delivered an item in my off-world time and I wrote to the notecard author asking if she had a problem with a newly delivered item.

Well yes. It was No Mod. Of course it was supposed to be Mod-Copy which is typical for my goods. I had sold the item many times to happy customers. I know they modified the build as I was invited to see the changes. So why NOW all of sudden had the PERMISSIONS CHANGED inside the "magic box" ?

This isn't the first time. Often I try and convince myself that I simply made a mistake. We do that, designers. I find things from others with issues and sometime report back -- sometimes not. But this was obviously not of my doing. The same object in my shop was fine. The permissions were correct.

There are issues in world also. I have found many items that have "magically" changed their permissions no matter how many tests I have done before putting out the item.

So my -- oh so rhetorical -- question is: Why do we try?

The answer for me is pretty obvious. We love to create.

It would be nice though, if we could have faith in the system that was supposedly supporting us. I have absolutely NO idea how the magical database manages to change what we wanted to what it might like. It is truly a mystery -- one that most likely will not be solved.