Pixelate Truth

In a rare movement away from the fashion scene, I want to highlight today's Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011. 

The culmination of hundreds of hours of labor took place today in Second Life. I opted to watch from the web rather than venture into the studio. The entries were all creative. My "winner" did not claim the trophy. That isn't really a surprise. I don't enter contests in SL any longer. Not only do I not win (I can live with that), I have no idea WHY the people that do win --- do. Obviously I have a different vision than most judges and honestly? That's OK with me.

So while Arbit Delecroix didn't garner the gold ring, this video won my personal vote. Minimalist, understated, with a theme that asks us to think -- I enjoy watching it over and over. The camera work is superb, the lighting subtle, the saturation cool and neutral. This camera eye and skill would have been greatly appreciated in my short stint in movie making.

While the official prize went to someone else, I notice that the popular "vote" judging by page views went to Arbit.

So if you missed the viewing, don't miss the mechinima. Be impressed. Be inspired. Enjoy!

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    # by SpaceCase - March 26, 2011 at 11:47 PM

    Wow! What a great machinima & song. I'm going to add this to my favs as well. Thanks for sharing it!