Dreaming in White

Does every gal dream about romance and white wedding dresses? Maybe somewhere along their life path. For me, those times are likely only a memory. I am too independent these days and happily partners come in many shapes, sizes, forms and disguises :D. Still ----

If I were to plan a white wedding with all its traditional pomp and circumstances, this would be very much my style.The demure but striking dress is a FFL new release from SHIKI-couture. The Yuki dress comes with a wonderfully fitting sculpty skirt as well as optional feather shoulder puffs. The high, lace trimmed collar adds a note of propriety. Now I am sure this dress wasn't designed as matrimonial garb, but it works -- at least for those of us not too much into tradition. Find Shiki in the FFL Helmut Newton sim.

And then there is my white silk blindfold. Well I said this was an UN traditional wedding scenario. It is one of a variety of colors from the FFL gatcha machine from ::Schon::. Find it at the gatcha garden which is (hopefully) somewhere in the Mapplethorpe sim. Sorry that is all the info I can slueth out :D.

And what is a wedding without a ring. This lovely Blossoming Heart engagement design is made by Shea Paule, owner of Hardwear mens store.

Find it on the Marketplace.  As a retired jewelry designer, I am impressed. Delicate with many scripted choices for gemstones and finishes, it really doesn't "have" to be an engagement ring.  It can be anything you want it to be *wink*. Manually mod, it resizes fairly easily. Engraving is optional.

Click the photo for a high rez version.

Style Notes: 

Hair:fri. - Tatum - Passionate Red
Skin:[:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue
Clothing:SHIKI-couture dress YUKI

Accessories: [White] Satin Blindfold;  The Blossoming Heart engagement ring

Poses by:BehaviorBody

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    # by EE - March 16, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    Blindfolded wedding? This gives a new meaning to "arranged" marriage.

    Super engagement ring. Very well done.