OTR: Forgotten City

It's March and among other things -- like the coming of Spring for those of us in the northern climes -- it means some great hunts. With Texture Mania 2 under my belt, I did some sampling in STEAM 4. There was no order to my plan. I chose a few familiar shops and went from there. Backtracking will of course be called for.

My favorites finds were easy to choose, a great outfit with lots of styling choices -- and boots -- from Wretched Dollies, hat and monocle from Hatpins and a very fun accordion from Voodoo Instruments.

So decked out in my new steamy ensemble, I hit the road to explore a region I had landmarked two months ago. Time flies, but not in the Forgotten City. Rich in textures and history it tells of a place where hour hands of clocks only try to remember their purpose. 

A once great city where the prosperous residents were served by the miraculous mechanical automatons. The people have long since disappeared, but the automatons remained and still take care of the crumbling stone walls, abandoned halls and rusty fences.

Style Notes: 

Hair:Amacci Hair Shyla ~ Coffee (new release)
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity [:T:] Rosy cheeks 2
Clothing: WD Phoebe Gunn (hunt)
Shoes: Phoebe Gunn
Accessories: Hatpins Steamy Victorian - Strappy Goggles; Steamy Victorian - The R.G.B. Steamer V2.0 (hunt); Steampunk Accordion by Voodoo (hunt)

Poses by: LAP