Renewal - 1901

I had a collection of thoughts roaming around in my head as I set of for today's fashion shoot. Despite my best efforts, my Objects folder has enough items to stock a store -- or two. I have been "good" about neatening, just not good enough. There are items that have mysteriously appeared and likely some fun things to play with, put on, or simply embrace the beauty that I have no idea are hiding in there. So INVENTORY is on my To Do list. But first a little outing was in order!

My outfit for the afternoon is a new release from Elemiah Design called Lalala -- yes, really.  It is fun with a layered tulip skirt and strapless bodice. Carefree and summery, the feminine print definitely makes one smile. It is still raining in my part of the world though and while I can see myself in "just" dress and strappy sandals this summer, I felt a bit too chilly without a little more fabric in my styling. So I added  pretty pastel, semi-transparent leggings from [croire] and some "gloves" from Blue Blood. A little warmer, I ventured out into the world.

If you collect photo op landmarks like I do, it is difficult to ignore how many lovely places have disappeared. True, our virtual life is more ephemeral than our corporeal one, but I miss my favorite haunts of years past. As I perused my listings for a likely spot for today's photographs, I came upon an old link to Wanderstill. I used to visit there often, but not so much of late. I wondered what the new Ode was like. My old landmark placed me about 75 meters from the current ground, but luckily we land softly like kitties.

I am happy to report that the sim is even more lovely than before.  There are still plenty of visitors; you were seldom alone in the Wanderstill of the past and that seems to hold true. I didn't do as much exploring as I would have liked. I installed the newest Kirsten viewer RC and my old machine is having a problem keeping up in places where there are lots of textures or plenty of scripts. Still, it was a lovely time.

Post 1901.

Style Notes: 

Hair: = Hal*Hina = Hair -sasha- [cassis brown]
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity
Clothing: Elemiah Designs Lalala;[croire] sheer pattern leggings (5) ; +++BB+++ Valeria WG WHITE Gloves
Shoes: BAX Prestige White
Accessories: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Clare earrings; duboo.artist's brush

Poses by:Behavior Body and the easel