A Perfect Moment in Time

Now and then, when we are lucky, there is a perfect moment in time. It is most often fleeting -- so much so we sometimes wonder if it ever happened at all.

I planned this photo shoot last evening. I made my new outfit (free from one of the lucky chairs at Phoenix - Firefall) in Imprudence 1.4, found my photo op location and went to bed. This morning I logged in the Kirstens S21 viewer to take my photos. It has been a many step process for me of late, switching between viewers in order to capture shadows.

When I logged in to what I think of as the Marrakesh street, I was greeted with a glorious morn. I abandoned my best laid plans of last eve in favor of a spontaneous shot. These are the shadows as they were, the light as it was. One perfect moment. I can't wait until this is my everyday view of SL.

My location is the  Arabian Marketplace, Carnivale, a simply gorgeous build with some very cute little shops that are empty should you be a fantasy retailer. It almost makes me want to take up fantasy products in order to apply for a spot in this lovely and serene place. I can of course visit -- and so can you.

PS. I never looked like this when I visited Morocco, but it is still reminiscent :D.

Style Notes: 

Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: TTH exclusive
Clothing: Creed outfit in green

Poses by:BehaviorBody