The Meeting at the End of the World

In an unexpected announcement, LEARN AVATAR closed down its sims, asking residents to empty their land and abandon immediately. I was teaching class at the time the announcement came in. There was awe, surprise and despair.  After class -- smaller because of some departures -- I returned to ASIAN, picked up my lovely house and solemnly  went about my life.

Later that evening I was beckoned to an event of sorts. A saying goodbye, a memorial. I was honored to be included. Six weeks isn't long even in a virtual life. Still I had made friends and helped some folks along the way. It was a quiet meeting full of personal thoughts and remembrances. Always the chronicler, I took photos as we moved from the sky onto the land. This was my favorite and so it shall be the one I remember that evening by.

I don't know what the future holds, but my weeks have been well-spent, enjoyable and full of learning. And really, what more can we ask for.

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.