PF - Paradisis - GNMO

I am amending this post with a new lead photo :D. As I was changing this afternoon, I noted that I had missed a MAJOR part of the outfit -- the prim bandeau piece. It works well and looks great, so I took a quick trip back to Barbee to fix my omission. So THIS is the "fashion shot" as it should be. Still low arc and happily in the green, but of course meant for more fun activities that shopping -- well maybe.

This is one super looking clubbing outfit! And the top will work VERY nicely with the new satin pants just out. Dual duty. Works for me!

One of the last things Acha said to us at our photo shoot last weekend was, "get naked more often". Now she may have meant the comment in a more active way *wink*, but I am going to honor her request  -- just a bit -- with this not really naked but definitely skimpy new release from Paradisis. Honestly I had to smile as I unpacked boxes of lovingly made attire; bright satiny ORANGE pants (very low) were among the bounty. So when orange comes around on that 52 week wheel, I will be set now. Yeah!.

I chose this outfit to show you first, partly because it was skimpy, but also because it is very low ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost). The Pose Fair opens soon with what seems like many more vendors. With all those pose stands in use, you can pretty much guarantee it will be laggy. So this is a fashionably attired public service announcement. Deprim; Descript -- and feel free to ALMOST go naked.

My attire here isn't the lowest I can go of course. I could toss off the bandanna and remove my oversized (but script free) earrings. Still, you get the idea.


There are many, many wonderful pose makers at the fair. Some of my favorites are there, some are not. As I was looking through poses last eve for my "banana mania" weekend color post, I was reminded how very important poses are to our world. I had a gorgeous new photo prop locale, a pretty new dress, great new hair. What I needed to make the photo shoot complete --- were the poses. After looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty, I found the ones that fit my mood. They made all the difference.

So in the spirit of celebrating ALL the pose makers, new, old, and departed, I chose some of my all time favorite poses and made a collage. I tried to choose "signature" poses, ones as bloggers and photographers you may have in your inventory. See if you can guess which pose goes with which pose maker.

Your choices are: LAP, BehaviorBody, Posemaster, Glitterati, Vain, Diesel Works. Answers below the photo -- no cheating! Click the photo for a larger view if you like.

And the answers are ---

Diesel Works, Glitterati, Vain, Behavior Body, LAP, Posemaster.

The top photos are taken with my Amacci Posh AO.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci hair base - hazelnut
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass
Clothing: PARADISIS Fever  black (new release)

Accessories: *Ticky Tacky* Lick Me! Earrings - Black: ARC reducing bandana flex (NLA)