Antique Hunting

I went antique hunting this morning, not the kind where you try and find precious items mixed in with junk -- the kind where you are guaranteed to come away with goodness. The Autumn Hunt from the Antiques Grid Show is spectacular, possibly the best furniture hunt in awhile. It is short with hints and SLURLs on the blog. The items while generally found in large shops are not hidden so you just have to be in the right area.

While most gifts are in the furniture and decor categories, you can pick up this very pretty dress with pie and pose from Overland Trail.  You will need to wear the pose for the dress to work correctly, but it takes a great photo.  Amazingly I furnished my Victorian cottage at MOSP completely with coordinating items from the hunt. Not only that, I have lots left over for other spots. The goodness is indeed bountiful.

I will add a few more pictures on the wall and such, but I wanted you to see the hunt items without confusion. Everything but the curtains is from this morning's hunting adventure.

There are several nice couches (one that I have in the cottage but didn't make it into the photos), two houses (one cottage and one family sized) and at least one outdoor area.  Not all the merchants were ready this morning so I will try and make note of which ones to return to :D. Who knows what else I might find?

You can see that while the furniture is traditional, many items would work with contemporary homes. While some items boast modest land impact points, MANY are primmy little devils, so be prepared. Even if you can't use all the designs now, you may be able to in the future. And many prizes are modular so you can use some items while leaving others for another day.

My personal favorite? The top photo baker's table from shop number 1, Nadeau Shoppe.  It weighs in at 36 with all the goodies, but the food items and book are separate from the cart, so you can adjust for your land budget.

And an aside:

You may have noted or heard that iheartsl has gone Safe For Work. This is true and in some ways I am glad. There were photos on there now and then that I really didn't enjoy zipping by. But for those of you that filled in the form to reup early, it would be good to go back and see the more in depth explanation of the rules. 

Iheartsl isn't just SFW, it is family friendly in a big way. This post cannot go on that feed because there are filled wine glasses in this last photo. I could have left off the photo of course, but it shows a lot of great items that I wanted you to know about -- the service settings with the wine glass for one!  So along with no nudity, sexual stuff, violence and weapons, there is also a ban on cigarettes and alcohol.

So this is a head's up if you figured you knew what family friendly meant :D. You don't want to disappear from the feed because your avatar had a pipe in their hand or a beer bottle was in the background.

And for any of you that read iheartsl expecting to see all my posts, know that while most will appear on there (I am a family friendly gal at heart), a few will not.

Poses by: LAP and furniture