Hidden Gems

I have been going on a lot of hunts lately. You wouldn't really KNOW that from my posts *wink* and I think I am about done for awhile. I have also noted the general absence of hunt posts on the feeds. I can only assume that others like me are exhausted from hunting. Too many hunts, many not well organized and many with not the greatest stores. This is bad for all of us really, hunters and merchants. So I will be rethinking my hunt obligations in the future. Happily there is the Peace on Earth (invitation only version) coming in December.

Meanwhile I bring you a shining star amidst the --- well anyway, a very nice prize or two. This long dress is a prize in the Something Old, Something New Hunt from Prim and Pixel @ Holiday Village.  Not only is this lovely dress in the gift pack there is an older dress (I remember its debut) and a matching outfit for the guys as the second present. Many of the vendors didn't follow the theme of this hunt at all so gold stars to Mairead Fitzgerald for reading the small print. And don't forget to pick up that great parka in the Giving Thanks Hunt while you are there.

My necklace is a pretty one from CoLLisions on a hunt, I am thinking it was the Full Moon Hunt but I admit to bleariness. Head to the store and you will figure it out I am sure.

Mark your calendars for the next MADPEA adventure; it is only a little over a week away. I was thrilled that MOSP is included in the merchant lineup. This is my prize. The story is a fairytale and it will most likely be another grand time with great gifts.

Pose by: LAP (nla)