White on White

Hanaya has released a season changing bonsai tree. Now to be fair *wink* the tree comes in tabletop size, with or without the table (or deck as you see here). I wanted MORE!

Since the tree comes in an unscripted -  mod version, it is easy to resize. Hence my very lovely windswept snowy tree. There is also a special (no mod) version of the tabletop style in the group archives -- just in case you missed the announcement.

My new locks are Vanity Hair:Comadi-Silver. Super stylish and definitely attention getting, they add drama to an otherwise mundane day.  My choice of attire for the eve includes the new Nora skin from AKERUKA and a fairly antique Valeria set from Blue Blood. I remember I was living in Winterfell when I first tried this on. The snow should be falling there soon.

And time passes even in our virtual lives. 

Poses by: Diesel Works