Newness for Adventurers

Lots of newness on the horizon. Here is a quick rundown. New dreads join three sets of super tight braids from DISCORD at Around The World .

REALLY fun Wanderer bookcase from Cheeky Pea for FAIR, opening today. 6 land impact for all you see! Sorry I have no SLURL and Google and other blogs aren't helping. :D. Hopefully YOU know where it is.

And from Trompe Loeil, the Mendoza bed with texture change blanket and lovely metalwork. It comes in both PG and Adult versions (bet you knew that by now) as well as many colors of metal and fabric. Find it at Around the World.

I should note that I made the bed smaller here. I like small scale furniture and happily the bed is mod. If you like large, that's no problem!

Necklace by KOSH. 

Poses by:  Diesel Works