It's Beginning to Look ...

The holidays are on their way. Red and green, snow and Santa. Advent is always a fun time in SL. Trompe Loeil will be joining in the spirit of the season with an advent calendar. Pick it up the board and then rez your keys to open the door for each day. See all the info here.

This is part of the Arcade Gatcha event for December. Funny, but SL has introduced me to so many things -- "gatchas" being one of them. If this is anything like previous Arcade openings, the trick will be to get in.

I am not going to be showing you each and every day's surprise. What's the fun in that? But this is DAY 1's offering, the only one that I opened. Other goodies are shown on the Tromple Loeil website so you won't be completely in the dark. Have fun!

My holiday outfit is a sneak peak of sorts for an upcoming release from deviousMind. The exact release date is unclear at the moment. Out now!  Time and energy play a part I suspect, but keep your eye out for "Christmas Coco".

Pose by: Diesel Works