Mixed Bag

 A little of this, a little of that -- and snowy gray skies of course.

Falling Into The Season, the hunt, started today. It is a short hunt and I did my best to do it all. But there is of course a "but". Not only were some folks not ready (not unusual we know), there is NO SLURL list as far as I can see. There is a store list with some hints and a prize photo page, but if those "take me to the next store I just can't FIND it" links are there, they have eluded me. I really really wanted to have them.

So, the exercise of late last night and this morning took me back in time to the beginning days of hunts when if you couldn't find the prize you started on a hunt for the next STORE on the list (if you were lucky enough to know the store - many times you were not). Since most of us have figured out that search is pretty much useless except for finding people *wink*, a lot of the stores on the list didn't come up in search.  ALL that being said, there are some nice gifts, the prize object is very pretty, bright and shiny and easy to find, and I definitely enjoyed seeing how some new to me shops had decorated their stores.

My personal favorite prize of those I found are this color change nail set from ! Laville !.  They come with a superb hud that lets you change hand size and pick between the colors. They are also SHORT!  Woooooot!  I like nails. There was a time in my life (long ago admittedly) when I had very pretty polished nails -- every day. Earthtones were my favorite palette so these are perfect for me.

Other hunt prizes shown are some cute, mini, retro TVs from O.M.E.N and a lovely bustier top from Bitch Tail (part of a set).

Also in the news is this great ADAIN necklace from KOSH for The Mens Dept through November, then at the store.  There are several metal colors to choose from and they come sized for both guys and gals.

I wasn't too awake when I took my other photos and missed that there was a really pretty ring that coordinates with the necklace.

Now I am not so much a ring gal, but I LOVE this and with my ohsogreat new nails I am feeling very posh in a kinda boho way *wink*.

Hair by Exile, boots by lassitude & ennui. 

Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel Works, BehaviorBody