From the Back - Or Not

There is something to say about a good back view. This is especially important when you are walking away -- from a boss who fired you, from a lover that dumped you. Confidence is needed when we make our stylish exit.

I can honestly and easily say that this new release hair from eXxEsS is my favorite since Scorpio -- and that was long ago. KAE comes in tons of natural and not so natural colors; this is rust.  I wanted something both classic and striking to complete the look, opting for my Hucci Ibiza Jumpsuit in Midnight and my favorite lassitude & ennui sandals.

I did need to turn around though so you could see this lovely necklace from Eclectica. There is a matching bracelet (worn but difficult to see) and earrings. The Cascade set comes in many versions with this being "dark". Both beads and metal are color change within the style so you can play with the choices and find the perfect combo for your mood.

Pose by: Diesel Works