Giving Thanks

The Giving Thanks Hunt includes more art than we normally see and new places to peruse as hunt items are searched for. The hunt blog includes all the shops, SLURLs and prize photos so you can jump around or do the whole hunt.  Some hunt objects are easy to find, others not so much.

The downside of this hunt is that there is no consistency to the naming of the hunt objects. My inventory was very confused even after only 20 stops or so. Some prizes end up in your objects folder with no store name or number, some end up in neatly marked and numbered folders as they should be *wink*. So you will NEED that SLURL list for sure. It is very easy to lose your spot along the trail. I suggest you relog right before hunting so you can move all your finds into a folder.

This mesh dress hales from ArisAris (read the hint - small object).
The really lovely table and clock (static) is from [CIRCA].
The wall art is from Senzafine (really difficult to find from the clue - think COLOR)

This decor wall is from Thaino Designs. You can add your own photos to the frames and resize as needed.

The + [ l u x ] Autumn Blouse Dress is both casual and ethnic so of course a winner for me.

My hair is a new release from EMO-tions, Brice. It comes with additional front add-ons (not shown).

And this is the prize that sent me on my evening adventure, the snuggly warm down coat from Prim and Pixel Paradise. A friend found this first and sent me the hunt list :D.  The Holiday Village is open again so if you feel the need for snow, there is always plenty to see. It gets crowded at times, so be patient.

Poses by: .jaH, aDORKable, LAP (nla)