There is danger about. Walking in the snow in bare feet for one thing. Happily we can have white without the piercing cold in our virtual lives. I do know it is winter -- at least for some of us and that includes me. But for whatever reason I had a desire to wear this fairly old top from Ronsem. It is a sculpty, not mesh and so outdated in that sense, but still very cute. I took a trip over to the shop which has moved since I last visited. Lots of room to expand and plenty of group gifts available on the wall.

There are many good looking mesh items in the shop; items in styles I hadn't seen. It is easy to lose track of designers when they don't appear on the feeds that often and aren't on the hunt trails. I know there are many other ways to keep tabs of what's going on in design, but those are MY modes. I don't social network unless you count IMs with creators now and then and seeing posts for some of the blogger groups I am in. So for me, the feeds are my news.

Handbag poses from BehaviorBody are also in the newness category.These come in small, medium and tall versions with mirrors, so presumably you can find one that will fit you to a "T". Purses are included in a variety of colors.

Lastly, just out hairs from Amacci. This is Kajsa, my favorite, but they are all perky and stylish so a trip over to try on demos might be on your todo list. Also new is a huge set of eyes. I am particularly fond of dark eyes -- mostly because they seem to photograph well. The ones I am wearing are named "Danger". Hence a second reference to my post's title. And here's a tip -- you can find a wearable set of demo eyes in a pretty amber color. How nice!

I have been working hard on Blender. The snowdrifts in the background are my first upload to the agni grid. I have been looking for integrated hills forever it seems and now I have my own. They aren't quite perfect so I will most likely redo them before putting them in my shop; still I am very proud of them. The learning curve is really STEEEEEEEP.

And that's my post for the day.

Poses by: BehaviorBody