Hot Desert Sun

Marrakesh -- a word that brings to mind soft desert winds, hot sand and romance. I never actually made it to Marrakesh, but I did spend a week or so in Morocco -- definitely a high point in my memoirs should I ever write them. There IS something about the sands and the history.

Adding another great release for COLLABOR88 is Barnesworth Annubis. The self contained and private skybox (it could easily work on the ground as well) boasts privacy walls, greenery, a lovely fountain and seating. It weighs in at 107 and will fit on a 512 lot.

A mixture of mesh and sculpts, it has a feel of being there -- and I of course like that. Currently way up in the sky, I am working on some desert sands to compliment the oasis of calm. The entry doors stay ajar until you click them again. I so appreciate that. My feng shui teacher would be happy.

Outfit by Deviance - Arcane Silks from awhile back.

Poses by: Behavior Body and Juxtapose