Mexico in Mielville

It's fiesta time over in Mielville. Day of the Dead has come and you only have a couple more days to enjoy the ambiance.  It is very much like a picture postcard version of the land. I missed the stray dogs and trash during my visit. What can I say, we all have our memories. There is plenty to see and lots of shops and open air vendor carts to peruse.

Color abound and plants are definitely in evidence. I love the aqua loveseat; it reminds me as much of New Mexico as of the parent country.

There are plenty of bargains in the shops as well as some freebies. This DdlM Matrimonio Cabachon Cuff Bracelet is a dollarbie from  Rose River Saloon.

There is also a great drinks tray at RRS, but I decided not to post a photo so I could add this entry to iheartsl (compromises, compromise).

A mini hunt is going on too. Look for colorfully painted white skulls and touch for presents. There are fifteen in all. It is a fun exercise and it is nice to see what folks have made.

Most of all  -- enjoy the feel of a warm night in Mexico.

Thanks to Jaxie Oceanlane for reminding me to get over to the event before it was gone!

My outfit is one of my favorites from deviousMind, Lenore in white. I had to open a LOT of boxes to get all the parts of this together again. One thing you can say for Chandra's outfit, they have enough pieces to dress a complete burlesque company and never repeat a look or layer *wink*.  The effort was worth it. Very fitting for the theme of this post.

Poses by: aDORKable and LAP (nla)