We all have favorites; items we come back to again and again. When faced with a choice of what to blog from the newest Blonde&Blonde releases, this HighLighter Peplum Fluro dress won hands down. It is bright, fits well, and matches my Baiastice Maxine sandals; the acid green pyton color is always in need of partnering *wink*. And that reminded me of the bright desk set from [CIRCA] in my artist studio.

Now of course we need lighting and I have special Windlights for this house. What's left? Why a pose of course.

There is a pose maker appreciation blog thingie (yes that is really a word) going on. Honestly, I only glanced at the photos -- busy these days. While I won't be joining in officially I would like to thank Diesel Works for some wonderful poses over the years. I have a huge variety of poses, but when in a pinch and in a hurry I often just type in "Diesel" and get something striking to use.

Edit:  While perusing the feeds I found the official link for "Pose Appreciation Week" should you want to see what's going on. Personally I have  "Poses by" text at the bottom of my Blogger template so it is easy to remember to credit the pose store. I DO use poses that are no longer available and if I am aware add a (nla) after the end. These are mostly for LAP and nigotine poses which have left the grid. Still great poses :D.

And looking for poses had me thinking about LAP and Dove, now departed or at least visiting very rarely. So thanks to all the designers who keep us in pretty things, with stylish surrounding and looking good.

Pose by: Diesel Works