Time and Other Consequences

Some of you have most likely notice that I have been taking a little time off. Tis true.

Still, I hate to have you coming by with nothing new to see, so a quick but very pretty shot with some newish items is my present to you for the eve.

Most notable is this Starhelm - Neo-Victorian Clock from Starhelm Trading Company. From the map it looks like snow has fallen in the nearby sims; I'll need to get over and explore soon. Detailed and very pretty, it can adorn you wall as well as my snowy enclave. I have always been a big Dali fan so this seemed a fitting shot.

My slightly steamy outfit hales from AD Creations, Ana in black.

New hair releases from EMO-tions Saturday. This is going to be a favorite for me, I can tell. Look for LISSI.

That's the wrap up. I am going back into R and R mode. Have a great weekend!

Pose by: Juxtapose