Ice Princess

I finished the MadPea hunt this evening. I hadn't planned to continue, it being a toughy -- for me anyway. But someone I had talked briefly with in the past gave me a good tip for making the hunt a tad bit easier. With that info in mind I went back on the trail eventually finishing the endgame sequence which is indeed impressive!  There are many lovely prizes in the fifteen stop pack. Shown here are just a few.

My hair for the eve is a new release called "Easy" from Vanity Hair. It comes with an optional flexi layer (not shown) if you have the ability to add attachments.

My silver blue tattoo, snowy fantasy snowglobe backdrop and harp are all prizes for completing the adventure. Many of the prizes are themed toward winter.

These wintry antlers are beautifully made and certainly eye-catching.

My outfit is a vintage one from Angelwing.

Poses by: aDORKable