Bar Fly

There are new bars in town. Luscious meshness and lots of details, choose from public or at home versions.

Brick walls and wooden floor are included. Here I modded the basic pack to fill a prefab and added a ceiling. The very pretty stained glass lighting fixtures are part of the set.

Drinks come from a menu and are placed in front of you, click the drink to transfer it to your hand.  The set comes with sports photos and a plant. I traded those in for art deco and ferns :D.  The textures are especially nice and the details are well thought out.

Amazingly a bunch of folks found my version before I even alerted them to its presence. That makes me happy as I know they are exploring. We all want our friendly neighborhood bar where everyone knows our name. Feel free to visit mine here.

La Galleria is the shop you are looking for.

Available on the Marketplace.