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Men Only Hunt 4

The MOH4 hunt has started and I am happy to say it is a good one. Less is more seems to be the theme with some very nice stores in the fifty-eight stops. There are a few issues of course -- there always are. Teleport points are sometimes closer to a store you are NOT headed to than the one with the goodies. So stay aware of the shop you are looking for. Most glasses of beer were easy enough to find. I didn't run across any decoys.

A few hunt objects were evasive and one at least had been moved with no new hint in the list as yet. There were also some shops toward the end that definitely seemed to be for the gals with no menswear in evidence.

With tons of very nice items it all boils down to:

*What fits
*Your style

Our lead photo is an outfit put together from all hunt items -- even the skin.

* REBELL - Summer Shirt
* [ZE-Men] Tommy Shorts
* NM atelier*Loose Tie REGIMENTAL Gray
* Shey Slip On Flats
* T.BARE-Apollon Deep Tan-Eyebrow Cut

You can find the dollarbie unisex hair here on the Marketplace.

Here is a better look at that skin which I think is pretty darn impressive. No post processing on this shot -- and if the skin doesn't fit you all that well, there is a shape in the hunt that works perfectly with it. How handy!

* 7mad;Ravens CoolCapDaddy Boonie
* SURROGATES - Clint Shape
* luxe. Snake Black Taper earring (also in gold)

* etham - Anchor bracelet
* .ARISE. Sum Shorts Gray

There are also two nice pairs of tennis shoes, three thong sandals for SLink feet and one full sandal in tan for SLink feet. There are MANY tattoos and several pairs of sun glasses.

There are plenty of nice items on this hunt to update your (or your honey's) wardrobe. Have fun!

Poses by: LAP (nla)


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