Call Me

And then there's that serendipity thing.

I had a mini computer meltdown today. Along with a series of unassisted reboots, I ended up losing my pinned tabs. There was a new sim opening that looked outstanding and I lost the link. By the time I got back 32 pages in iheartsl's archives I found the post. Then a brief search and I found the sim. More on that soon.

Along the way I kept seeing this phone. Now these were prerelease photos from lucky bloggers on the floorplan review copy list, and they DID peek my interest. I finally found a reference to the phone (amazing how that can be) and then looked up the event.

Kustom9 definitely snuck in under my radar.  This is a gacha and while I am not a gacha gal I decided that many of the colors available would work for me. Happily I got gold which was close to the top of my list. It is now proudly sitting in Cafe 51. Since I am interested in details I check out the LODs (very good) and the land impact (1). Hard to beat for sure. The rares are Doctor Who type phone booths but I am very pleased with my vintage pay phone.

My color coordinating dress (I was already wearing it while shopping) is the exclusive item for the Summer Fashion Festival from LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/ . The SUMMER TIME DRESS comes with a photo hud with MANY color and fabric combos.

My glasses which I can't seem to take off are from B&W at the same venue.

Hair: MINA
Nails: Flair

Poses by: EveryGlow