The Dark Style Fair

With all my work done, inventory straightened and 4000 items into the void, I decided to do a little adventuring. I checked the Destination Guide to see what was recommended as I am at times a lazy gal.

So I plan to do a few reports of places to see and things to do. It's be awhile since that was part of this reading experience. I couldn't use shadows in a busy venue so I played with some of my arty tools in my graphics program :D.

Here is my report.

The Dark Style Fair

Teleporting into a low watery area, you are surrounded by steps and impressive statues.  All is dark and gray. Buildings reach towards the sky.

The venue is well thought out and low lag. It is easy to stroll the thoroughfares and glimpse the goods on display. Everything from vampire accouterments to little girl's dark schoolgirl uniforms is in evidence. You don't need to be a villain to enjoy the offerings.

One of the things I enjoy most about fairs is seeing how the vendors decorate their spaces. It is great way to find props that are outside the mainstream. I did find one item that I wanted but I am afraid it is a gacha  good as the maker seems to favor that selling platform. I WILL check it out however.

I have two favorite stores to recommend. They are just what caught my eye, my style amidst many.

SCRUB - viewable from the landing point - has some very nichey items.
David Heather - garments hang on hangers so you can really get a good look.

Actually many mesh items were displayed in their beauty, not just in photographs. Most of the shops were new to me; not a big surprise as I don't get out that much these days and I don't actually SHOP for clothes *wink*.

Plenty to see, it is well worth a visit if you are a shopper who likes to strole and discover.